2020 was the best of times and the worst of times, I

voted by mail for the first time,

placed in my first feature screenwriting competition,

volunteered in Rwanda and visited Tanzania before the pandemic hit,

mastered working from home, it took about 3 months in quarantine to do this,

DESTINY’S ROAD screening in Kigali, Rwanda

Last February, I volunteered with Venture2Impact in Kigali, Rwanda, a non profit organization based in Canada. While there I worked with Hopes & Homes for Children community center where I had the opportunity to train staff and mentor young entrepreneurial parents in the village…

Kameishia Wooten

🏆🎬 An award winning — WRITER|DIRECTOR|PRODUCER. 2020 Screencraft Drama Competition Semifinalist and 2019 WIF|Sundance Institute Financing lab fellow.

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